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E.O.Y. Festivities June 9, 2010

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Ahh, the End of the year Festivities.  Something we look forward to all year!

Tuesday afternoon was the awards ceremony for 4th Grade.  The girls alway do well in school and we have quite a collection of Honor Roll and Principals’ Honor Roll certificates.  This 9 weeks was especially hard with lots of book reports, special assignments and math problems that Mommy & Daddy sometimes have trouble with!  Both girls got awards for PE participation, citizenship & yes…  Perfect Attendance.  The ladies in the office have a running joke with me that “if the kid isn’t throwing up, bleeding or with a fever, she STAYS!”  Lorin made Honor Roll and Haley made Principals’ Honor Roll.  We are so proud!  Haley also got a special PE award.

Later Tuesday evening, we had the End of the Year program.  Here we are all dressed up for our show.

This years’ program was by far the best yet!  It was titled “A Night on Broadway”. Each grade performed a song together with full stage sets, costumes & music.  Avery and the Kindergarten classes performed “Shrek, the Musical” and sang “I’m a Believer”.  The students got to dress as the Shrek characters and the characters in Fairytale Land.  Avery was Cinderella.

Here’s the video of her class performance of “I’m a Believer”.

Haley & Lorin and the 4th grade girls have been working tirelessly on their dance for “FAME”.  We had SO much fun getting ready!!

Haley slept in french braids the night before to get the “crimped” look and Lorin has so much product in her hair, it’s not even funny!  Root boost, mouse, a little gel, pomade and hairspray.  We put on some hot pink blush and silver shimmery eyeshadow to get the 80′s look down.  They were very impressed with Mommy’s styling, they went on & on…  So I told them if anyone complimented them, so say, “Thank you, my mom is awesome”.

Here are some pictures before the performance with some of their closest friends & favorite teacher, Ms. Jaime Cooper.

Here’s the video of the 4th grade girls performing “FAME”.  Note, it’s only the first 1:30, sorry.

Tomorrow is the last day of school & Avery’s Kindergarten Graduation!!  A new post and pictures to follow…  Summer, here we come!

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