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january 30? what? when? January 31, 2012

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So I am doing horrible at my New Years’ resolution to try to be a better blogger.  My last post was about 2 weeks ago on the how to’s on the menu board and I do have to tell you that my menu board has been life changing!  It’s really awesome, we’ve tried a lot of new things, which is great because 2 of the 4 kids are terribly picky eaters & our rule is you have to try it and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down, so that’s a great way to get them to try things!  If more than 2 people dislike the recipe we won’t use it again.  The only thing banned from the list so far is brocoli slaw.

Here’s a recap of our January highlights.  I literally downloaded pictures off of my Facebook page to make this post.  So sad!  At least you know if you are my Facebook Friend, you aren’t missing anything :)

Avery had a homework assignment to compare & contrast 2 family members using a Venn diagram.  This was too good NOT to take a picture of!  A friend commented, “Give that boy some money!”  HA!

   Loli & Tanny showing some love during car line

Haley’s newest trick :)  ouch!

Santana had his frist date a few weeks ago!  We and our wonderful friends have arranged the marriage of Santana and their daughter, Jane.  We know it’s old-fashioned, but these two belong together :)

They had eggs, bacon and a muffin together, drew some pictures, made silly faces and told on each other when misbehaving.

Last Saturday was Loving God’s Children’s 2nd annual walk for orphans, “The Walk Home”.  We gathered at a local park and raised funds for our upcoming trip to an orphanage in Kazakhstan!  We walked, talked, laughed and scootered for orphans!

So, as I’ve stated before, I’m now with the “in crowd” and have joined and become obsessed with Pinterest.  At least it’s helping me with my addictions to FaceBook and Words With Friends!  I have also “invited” Haley & Lorin to join me in the pinterest craze & they love it just as much as I do.  It’s nice because they will find recipes they want to try!  Haley looked super cute for school the other day & told me she got her outfit inspiration from pinterest…  Proud moment!!  Lorin has become slightly obsessed with hair tutorials.  She watches youtube videos on how to do hair braids and hairstyles ALL THE TIME!!  Then she practices on Avery.

Last Wednesday was “Craft Day”!!!!  With some of my besties.  We were doing Valentines Day projects, but I opted for a more “Spring” project, since I don’t have a ton of spring stuff.  I made this super cute front door wreath!

I got an inexpensive wide rim 8×10 wooden frame from walmart- I think it was $3.50

Bought these adorable tiny flowers from the $$ store.  I got 10 bunches for $1 each

Hot glued all the little flowers on the wooden frame (and burned the heck out of my fingers)

I hung it on my plain black door hanger & added a little bow.  It was looking REALLY plain to me, so I went back out to Joann’s & got a “L” wooden letter & some glitter paper.  Traced the “L” and cut out the paper & ModPodged the glittery paper on.  More hot glue & there you go!  The frame did not want to balance, so I used some double-sided foam tape on the back of each corner to get it to stay in place.  THAT SIMPLE!!!!

You can visit my friend Amy’s blog, AKA, the PolkaDotDiva for some inspiration…  She hosts our craft day’s at her house, which is pretty exclusive (hehe!), but guess what???  She will plan a party for you!!

So, at craft day, we obviously craft, but we also (obviously) eat!  Here’s what I made.  Sticky Biscuits.  Yes I got the recipe on Pinterest.

random…..   OH!!!!  This kid, UUHHH- MAAAA- ZZINGGG!!!!  I’ve watched this video at least 20 times and it never gets old.

Back on track now.  Last night, the girls were playing “pageant”.  Yes, we watch “Toddlers & Tiara’s”, “Dance Mom’s” and all of the other crazy kid shows.  Some people think it’s awful and for the most part, the kiddie pageant, I agree, are awful.  I started competing in pageants and talent competitions when I was 11.  I had no interests in sports, partly because I am very uncoordinated and was legally blind by age 10.  Thank the Lord for contact lenses!!  I had friends at school who did pageants and we had a wonderful music teacher who taught voice lessons after school as well as a lady (one of my oldest, dearest friends), who came in after school and taught modeling lessons.  Somehow, Cynthia (my modeling coach extraordinaire) saw some potential in me & began giving me lessons and preparing me for my first ever beauty pageant.  This turned out to be a wonderful mother/daughter bonding time for my mother and I and we enjoyed pageantry very much!  It was not crazy back in 1990, like you see it on TV today.  I was allowed 1, maybe 2 competitions in the summertime.  I did well & by the time I was a teenager, I was extremely well-known in the Teen pageant circuit.  Not to toot my own horn, but I won a lot, ahh, the “glory days” as my husband would put it :)  I won my first national teen title in 1995, Miss Teen All American, followed by 2 other teen pageants in the years following & then was Miss Florida USA in 1999.  Anyway, I had to give back up to the interest in playing pageant & the reasons why I’m cool with my girls watching these shows with kids.  Sooo, I busted out my old crowns & sashes for the girls to play with as they won their titles.

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